What to be honest about when on a Russian date?

Russian women are honest by their nature and upbringing. Honesty is considered very important in Russian society. For sure all people lie or exaggerate things in their lives. Still, there are topics that better remain honest about, especially with your Russian fiancé. First impression is very important and telling lies starting with the first date will provide an image of a liar and not a serious man. For sure nobody would like that, especially dating a woman you have been dreaming about all your life long.

There are things that are better said honestly from the very beginning in order not to ruin your relationship with a Russian lady.

Always be honest about your identity, even if you don’t like the way your name sounds. You can tell your true name, but ask her to call you the way you like. If you don’t tell your true name she will consider you dishonest in everything else.

Never lie about your present marital status and existence of children and their number. Russian women can be ok with your process of separation and 4 kids, but they would be shocked to learn this in future, thus not trusting you further on.

It is better not to hide the health issues and the ability to have children. This is not usually discussed right away, but it is better to inform your fiancé if there are serious things to discuss. For instance vasectomy can become a real big problem if a woman sees a happy family only with common kids. Addictions and bad habits can be included here as well.

Be honest about your job, income, life conditions. Don’t exaggerate. You future wife will come to your place and the image of you will be spoiled when she sees the real things.

If the lady asks you about your expectations towards your future wife, be true as you will have to live with this all your life long.

Remember that all the secrets are made open sooner or later.