Russian brides sharing experience.

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ukrainepersonalNatalia thirty three years old, who lives in France for ten years old has written- “When I was 25 years old, I was getting married for the sole purpose to leave Russia. I’m not one of these girls who ever were very popular. I was perfectly realizing that I will not be able to get everything that i am dreaming about just because i want that I needed to look in a specific way in order have chances. I just wanted a normal life by a strong man around, with decent human living conditions, and the opportunity to travel the world. At that age I didn’t even thought about making sure that this certain man was my chosen one, or that he will be able to provide all for both of us.

In Russia I didn’t had any chances or opportunities, I could not foreseen anything good in the future. Each paycheck I was receiving, i was desperate about, because i had no clue when i will be able to get the following one. My mother has lost her job, two years before retirement. And the married man, whom I loved, was not leaving his wife as he kept promising to me for a very long time. And of course while looking for a husband abroad i had the desire to make him hurt.

But most of all i wanted to finally create normal conditions of living for my family, a life without having the need to struggle for survival on the everyday basis. Of course, if now, in my thirty five years old if I decided to marry a foreigner, my motivation and approach to this question would have been completely different. Over the years, I got more experience and wisdom.

Rita forty five years old, who is living in the United States for five years, has written “I never planned to marry a foreigner. I thought I was meeting a man that he will be from my hometown, that we will live next to our parents and families. And when I met my future husband and fell in love with him, then our romance relationship has started the cycling of the letters and events, love letters and so on. I didn’t even think that we speak different languages, because it was easy and comfortable with each other.


And I never thought that I would get to another country. I was just happy. But then again I already had a two-month experience of living and working in Italy and it was the place where I realized that I could live anywhere. But, as soon as i got married, the difficulties started everything was foreign and unfamiliar to me, another culture, other people. It was especially difficult to deal with my husband’s children from his first marriage.

The children were not accepting me, they laughed at my pronunciation and language, and were not eating the food what I cooked.

My husband often took the side of his children. When our mutual child was born, he was not always finding time for the kid, as he had to watch out the elder kids in the family, so they would not feel, neglected or unhappy. What things have helped us to maintain the relationship? Love and respect for each other. I trust him, I know he will never let me down, and he is will never lie go me. I see how he takes care of our family, and do my best to answer him with the same thing”.

Eugenia, thirty two years old, she lives in America for five years has written – “I’ve always heard that in America there is another attitude towards women. Men more appreciate their women. How many men i ever dared in Russia, they were always underestimating my self-esteem. Now i feel like a real Princess! Every day I hear that I’m the best, the most beautiful, the most desired. The only thing that is weird to me is the attitude towards children in the society, I am not used with the fact that children are allowed to do anything they want in this life, although we do not yet have our own children. But any time soon it will happen for sure”.