How to initiate a hookup with a friend who you know well

Being friends means a person trusts you and likes you but doesn’t see you as a sex object. But with a few favourable factors, this can be changed and a buddy will become a friend with benefits.

Breakup or divorce

It often happens that a friend chooses to sleep with you due to the breakup they recently had. Play this card and you’ll probably get the best lover, since you’ll be committed to please each other.

Stress at work

Nothing relieves the stress better than sex, but some people cannot jump into the affair with a stranger. It feels much safer to hookup with a friend and gain some positive vibes out from that.

Party or festive event

Getting laid with a friend on a party is such a classic! Attend such events with your desired buddy as often as possible, and you’ll make this sexy scenario work for the two of you.

Revenge to your partners

If your life partners were caught on lies and cheating, sleeping with a friend is the best way to punish them. It can be your little secret with a buddy that helps you to keep strong and feel better.

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