How not to run into a selfish Russian woman?

Many men joining Russian on-line dating and matrimonial sites prefer not to run into scammers and selfish women. No one likes to be taken advantage of and waste time. Not seeing a person in real life makes things even complicated. What rules to follow to avoid encountering a selfish Russian woman? Unfortunately, there are no special rules to work 100 % as every case is unique as well as every person on earth.
You can follow some pieces of advices to detect a woman is selfish and stop your communication. Some notes of selfishness can be noticed in woman’s profile and correspondence. If you see too much ‘I’ in her letters, lack of interest or small interest in you (not asking questions, forgetting dates, not congratulating you on occasion, not reliving things with you, etc). It is a first signal to think whether you need to go on with this relationship or not.
If your potential fiancé is requiring a lot from you, but does a little on her side, it is also a reason to think over your relationship and where it can lead. If a woman requires much attention in form of flowers, gifts sent, but doesn’t spend much time talking to you over the phone, chatting, doesn’t express much gratefulness, attention and mutual feelings and emotions, apparently she is selfish and is taking advantage of you.
If your correspondence and communication over the phone plus chats was a good experience, but you visit a lady and feel lack of her attention, tenderness, etc., your dates are short and cold, but what you see are just restaurants, night clubs, shopping, suggestions to travel abroad, buying something really expensive, then be sure the lady is a ‘shark’ in the matters of selfishness. You better run away from such a woman. Never hope this sort of ladies will change, they really know what they want and there is no room for you in their intentions.