Five stereotypes about “Mail-order” Ukrainian brides

Brunette looking at camera smilingThere are many myths circling Ukrainian women who want to marry foreigners, the so-called “mail order brides”. This article will get you acquainted with the top 5 myths. Many people out there believe that these myths are absolute truth, but we are very eager to show you just how wrong these myths are.

  1. She won’t be able to adjust and will want to go home

Ukrainian ladies are looking for love, they are looking for a man to fall in love with and be married to. All of the women who use dating websites are aware of the fact that if they marry, they will have to leave Ukraine.

Yes, they might get homesick, which is normal, but they will communicate often with their family which will make them feel better.

Ukrainian wives are very flexible because many changes have happened in Ukraine. They are used to often changes and moving to another country will be just another one of those changes.

  1. You can treat her like a doormat

This is pretty much nonsense. Ukrainian bride has a lot of respect for the man to whom they are married to, but that does not mean that she will let you treat her with disrespect. Ukrainian ladies have dignity and they will do anything possible to preserve it. They will also try to preserve the peace within the family, but they will not tolerate insults and violence. Ukrainian women are always open for a civilized discussion.

3. She is only marrying you to escape from poverty

As soon as you step into Ukraine you will be greeted with a reality check. You will notice that it isn’t a poor country you have imagined it to be. You will notice that the standard of living isn’t low. You will notice that your Ukrainian date showed up in a pretty dress and wearing a good perfume. Most of the ladies in Ukraine have finished a college and they have a job. They also have hobbies and enjoy having fun. They are not trying to escape from anything, they are searching for love, just the way you are.


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  1. She will stay at home all the time after you are married

This couldn’t be further from the truth; after all we are all social creatures. Why would anyone think that Ukrainian woman enjoys being at home all the time? As soon as she perfects her English skills, she will try to find a job and to move around the city more. She wants to support the family and work to do it.

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  1. She is just after the citizenship

Most of the women in Ukraine don’t see the citizenship of another country as a good enough reason to leave their family behind. Nobody knows why this myth exists because it is widely known that starting a life from scratch in a new country is extremely hard.

Marrying a foreign man is a great leap of faith for a Ukrainian woman, but she is prepared to leave the protective confines of her home if it is for the man she loves and finds special.

We hope that this article helped you learn more about gorgeous Ukrainian women who aren’t that different from the ladies in your home country. Remember that there are many myths about every nationality in the world, just don’t take everything you hear for granted and you won’t have any problems.