Discover what Russian women expect from a man who is courting them


Courtship is a great period in life of every couple, a period when the strong bond between the partners is being built turning the romance of this period to the depth of understanding, love and commitment in future. This period is called by Russian a bouquet-candy period. The origin of name is evident. It is a very romantic time, full of surprises, flowers, dates, love, attention, emotions, care, etc.

Western men are curious to learn what Russian women expect from them during this period not to ruin everything. The answer will be quite banal, Russian women expect the same things as most of the women all over the globe. Great dinners at the restaurants, tones of flowers, serenades, chocolates, presents, surprises, common vacations, shopping, etc. This is all good and should be done and planned. However, this is not really what counts. What really plays an important role, is your feelings, your emotions when you do all enumerated above and even more.

Russian woman dreams to love and be loved wants to find a man, who would live her life together with her, cherish her, be attentive to her needs, whose shoulder she would be able to lean against and feel safe as if by the wall made of stone. To succeed in your courting you need to meet these needs. All your actions should be full of care and attention, admiration and love. Be gallant, respectful, and sincere and don’t forget things are good in measures. Don’t overdo or under do things. Don’t overwhelm your lady with sweets and flowers everyday as this can become a routine and even annoying with time. You need to feel your lady. Be inventive, be different and unpredictable, be her knight in armor to win her love.

Yes, courting a Russian woman is not an easy task, but all your efforts would be more than just rewarded.