Dating a Russian Woman – What Not to Say



So, you are dating a Russian lady. Congratulations! You are getting ready for a date. Great! You will probably be nervous and tell many things just to avoid ‘dead silence’. However, be careful not to touch on some topics. Below you will find three major tips of what not to talk about with your Russian bride.

Don’t talk about your ex-wife or former girlfriends! Your ex-wife can be a real bitch! It is clear; she has taken your home, kids, pets, etc. However, refrain yourself from black mouthing her in front of your Russian bride – this will show your attitude and respect to women. If you have many female friends and if some of them are your ex’s don’t mention this very often. A Russian woman wouldn’t like to hear the way you enjoy spending your time with other women and not her.

If she asks you about your past relationships or marriage, don’t go into dirty stories, but provide her with highlights. For instance, ‘I have a kid from my past marriage. Family is very important to me.’, etc.

Never touch the topic on how much your travelling to her costs! Remember, Russia is another country with another culture and mentality. If you will tell you need to work 4-5 months to afford yourself coming to Russia, she will interpret this as you are not able to afford the trip. Russians bear in mind if you say ‘expensive’ this means you won’t be able to afford this. Instead of telling her the flight is expensive, tell her you have other obligations before you can come back.

Don’t ask her how many men she is corresponding with! Be sure your lady receives many letters from men; maybe she is even corresponding with some of them, not only you. However, she needs time to know men in detail and for sure, the one, who has come has the advantage – it is you! Give her time to decide for herself, whom she really needs. Jealousy will only kill the relationship before it actually starts.

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