Bond with Likeminded Women Ukraine Online

women UkraineFalling in love is a privilege because not everyone is fortunate enough to succeed in it. Proclaiming your love for someone can never be a final call, for one can never predict what will happen next. One moment you are in love and in the next something goes awry and you instantly fall out of it. People who have the ability to move on are highly misunderstood as ‘bad influence’ or ‘desperate’ individuals with ‘commitment issues’. People should understand that behind every action is a reason. Tired of explaining this to my blind dates, I eventually switched to online dating with women Ukraine. Quite often, people who have known you all these years fail to understand you and those who have only met seem to get you better. Considering this possibility, I joined a popular dating circuit.

As soon as I opened my account, women Ukraine profiles flooded my dashboard. I decided to spend a good amount of time simply browsing the profiles to read the descriptions at leisure. Some profiles were quite elaborate and I gathered such profile owners as pompous. Some women Ukraine seemed too loud for my taste, their interests being wild, and their pursuits impulsive. Their aura in the personal videos they posted made me uncomfortable so I looked for relatively sober profiles. I had spent enough time dating wild women. All I needed at this point of time was a comforting partner willing to spend the remaining life in peace.

I was fortunate enough to find one such woman soon enough. Greta, a freelance designer had enough time in hands to pursue DIY pottery, glass painting, and quill art. She shared a lot of her artwork with me, few of which had already qualified for local exhibitions. She once invited me to personally witness her working on one of her quill art projects. This got me interested; for a change, I received a genuine invitation for a constructive purpose. I jumped at the opportunity and willingly accepted her request for my presence.


beautiful young woman wearing blue and yellow wreath and posing

The quill artwork was a larger-than-life projection of a local florist. When I asked about the particulars of this project, she told me about a florist whom she befriended when she had gone to Italy. The florist had quite a history to her credit and it was the look in her eyes that drew Greta towards her. The more time she spent with her, the greater was her curiosity to capture her expressions, her body language. To even think of reconstructing something so complex, that too via quill art was beyond my limited understanding. It made me respect her more, not only for her creativity but also for her meticulousness and concern for a woman who technically meant nothing to her.

Her pursuits added substance to our conversations. Greta’s experiences seemed so enriching that I found myself spending more time with her. One day after seeing her for eight months, I could not resist but ask her hand in marriage. Her eyes told me that she badly wanted the same. We were hitched the same year and are now well settled with a beautiful baby on its way into the petite family.