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According to the statistics Russia is a country where people get married in very young age – mainly in their early 20-s. This trend is very untypical for European countries and Russia is absolutely unique here. Only few other countries in Europe boast such optimistic trend more habitual for Asian and even African regions.

It is the good news for everybody who has ever thought of finding a Russian wife. After tough times followed the Soviet collapse Russian women tend to return to the traditional values – home, children and family.

Russian woman – more than perfect

Without a doubt there are cute girls in every country and every city. But Russians are just irresistible. Men adore that incredibly attractive combination of modesty and staunchness so common for ladies from Russia. They look and behave like princesses but they are ready to protect themselves at every moment.

Nekrasov – a famous Russian poet – once told:

“She would stop a running horse,

and rush in a burning house.”

It’s an extract of his poem dedicated to Russia and Russian women who are brave, sensitive and very kind. Finally, they are awesome lovers – they know how to make their men happy.


A big family – a great piece of luck

Russian women would really like to have more children – actually, they do it. You may see it yourself if you take a look at streets of Russian cities.

Unfortunately, the financial situation in Russia is not that good. Furthermore, young men are not eager to marry as much as girls want – they often prefer to date with women and to have fun without anything serious. Russian men feel perfect in such a situation as there are much fewer men than women in Russia.

So there is no surprise that Russian ladies are looking for Western men who are usually more determined and ready for having family. Men from Western countries appear to be more mature. They are not afraid of responsibility and they are really ready to work hard so that their family could live well.

Therefore a girl from Russia is an ideal wife for any man. She respects her husband but does not depend on him too much. Running the house is not something difficult or inappropriate – Russian women know how to do it as they do it from early childhood. They are raised up with the skills and knowledge helping keep their house clean and cozy.

Finally, women from Russia are the most devoted mothers in the world. That’s a miracle but they always find time to do everything – to run the house, to go to work and to spend at least some hours a day with their family.


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