Why Dating Russian Women Can Be Challenging?

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rusonlinedateIt is very popular to date Russian women on-line today. There are many reasons for this. Russian women are well-educated, intelligent, take good care of themselves, treasure ‘conventional’ family values, are family-oriented and make up devoted and committed wives. Together with this, dating Russian women as well as women from any other former Soviet Union country can be challenging.

First of all, starting your international dating, you need to realize that even if your Russian lady speaks some English, you will still stumble across communication issues. Even for the ones, who speak English well, your accent and slang can be difficult to understand at first.

To avoid this, make sure you speak simple English, or the one that your woman understands, avoid slang, idioms and repeat yourself when needed trying to speak clear.

Statistics shows that international marriages can work well as the cultures of partners compliment each other. However, it takes much of patience on both sides and there is a need to learn each other’s culture to make your relationship go smoother.

For instance, if you go out with a Russian lady, you need to be elegantly dressed and you are supposed to pay for the lady at the restaurant. If you don’t know this, imagine how awkward the situation can be. Make sure you open door for her in the car and at the restaurant, help her with the coat and chair.



American women can insist to pay for themselves, but Russian women prefer independent, intelligent, strong men, who would take care of them and like feeling womanly.

Dating a Russian woman can be challenging indeed, but if you put your time, patience and efforts in it, you will be rewarded beyond your expectations, be sure.

Having decided you want to find a Russian bride, first start with learning about her culture and mentality.