What to be prepared for in a marriage with a Russian woman?

Before getting married to a Russian girl, you need to think of all pluses and minuses of this marriage and make a decision for yourself. What to be ready for in a marriage with a Russian lady?

First of all be ready for a language barrier. Not all Russian brides speak English or any other foreign language. This is a challenge and you need to be super patient. Difference in mentalities and culture won’t make things easier. Russian wife would ask you to help her with the adaptation to the new for her country, culture, traditions, etc. This also requires attention, patience and understanding, and becomes even more difficult if you don’t understand each other due to the language barrier.

Get ready for her being home sick, miss her family and friends. Try to support her in this and provide her contact to her home in optimal measures, especially during the first period of adaptation. We are lucky to live in the era of internet and skype is a way out indeed. Make sure your wife meets new friends and has time of her own.

Financial issues. Russian women in their majority work and have their own money. It is evident your wife won’t work in your country, at least for the first period, so make sure she has money needed as begging for money is humiliating for Russian nature.

What else to be prepared for?
Together with all patience respect and understanding get ready for a marriage on heaven with loving, attentive wife, caring mother and excellent housewife. Be prepared to come back home from work to a smiling wife, meeting you at the door, kissing you, telling you the dinner is ready. Russian women are great cooks, they know how to keep home hearth, comfort at home. You and your place will always be tidy and kids would always be taken care of. This woman will share everything with you, coming through thick and thin. What else a man can desire?