What is the best way to organize your personal meeting?

So, you have found the lady of your dreams. Your hopes and aspirations are connected to her. You decided to meet. Here arises a question: “What is the best way to organize a meeting?” The best answer is to discuss and solve with your beloved. Anyway, there are still things that you should remember. It is difficult for Russian women to travel to any western country, not only for the financial reasons, but also opening a tourist visa or private visa is practically impossible. You can meet in a visa-friendly country like Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, etc, but it will take time and money on woman’s side to arrange it. So, the best way for the first date is to meet the lady in her country. It would be convenient for her and she would feel ‘safe’ in her own environment. This will be also a great plus for the K1 visa (US. Citezens) as you will need the evidence for the immigration authorities to prove you have a serious relationship. Besides this, meeting a lady in her own country you get a possibility to meet her family and friends.
Before going to her country learn about it, what are the customs restrictions not to get into a foolish or even dangerous situation. Choose the agency’s service of renting a room in a hotel or an apartment and book the variant you prefer in advance. You can also use transfer service from the airport to the hotel or apartment. If you think it is expensive for you, you can ask your lady to work for you on this, or you can do this by yourself on-line. If you are with a reputed agency then trust the agency as then all your expectations would be met. It is not recommended to stay at your lady’s place during your first visit.
For sure, the reason of your visit is your potential wife, but it is better to preventively decide what to do and where to go during your stay in agreement with your lady.