What can happen if you date many Russian women at one time?

Many dating and matrimonial on-line agencies give a piece of advice to their customers to date as many girls as possible during one visit to have the ladies to choose from. This for sure has an advantage of meeting as many girls as you desire during one visit saving your funds and time and not being alone in a foreign country. However, this is all you win, if your intentions are serious for sure. It makes no sense to travel to another country wasting your time and money just to have fun. One can do this in his homeland. Another thing is sexual tourism that has become popular among western men; however, this is not the topic of the present article.

If you still decide to go to Russia or any other former Soviet Union country to meet many Russian women at a time, you need to be aware of what can happen.

You need to make sure the ladies don’t know about each other’s presence and avoid them seeing you with another woman, for instance meeting you at the airport (several at once), encounter each other in a public place, etc. This can cause your anxiety and you won’t feel comfortable and the outcome is clear if a lady sees you with another one. They will never take you seriously then.

You need to be attentive with the names of the ladies, their personal data, likes, dislikes, etc. It won’t be a pleasant surprise for a lady if you order champagne when she doesn’t drink at all or hates this drink, has an allergy on a product ordered, etc. This won’t show your seriousness either as you are not attentive to the one you say you care about.

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There are for sure many more nuances, but spending your short amount of time among many russian brides you risk not to create a strong bond to any of them, thus botching up your mission of finding your only one to create happy harmonious family life of your dreams with. Just think if it worth it.