Things Russian women never forgive.

beautiful couple in loveThere is a very interesting point of view circulating in the heads of Russian men, they believe that ” man can, and even should have multiple mistresses, although he does not necessarily have to be in love with them. After all, if a human male is meeting with any other female except his own wife or girlfriend, it is simply for sex, as it is the natural instinct speaking in him in that moment, and there is no tragedy for his wife in this case. And there is no point to accuse their husbands in cheating, as well as in crying for many nights, fighting and arguing.

And at the same time they think that  it their wives are cheating than it is always a real cheating, because women are cheating not only physically; but, rather, mentally and morally and practically always with affection to the person they are with, due to their need to be with that person. Therefore, the female cheating is a different thing, which is equal to the end of the world.

It is interesting to learn from men their opinion of who is to blame in the accidental contamination of their wife with some illness that they got from some other woman whole cheating?  Who should this poor woman then blame in this case? Why does she have to pay with her own health and the health of future children, for other people’s blind instincts?

All of those things Russian women, as well as any other women in the world call betrayal, and there is no decent woman in the world who would ever be able to forgive or forget her man’s betrayal, that is something that no woman in the world can ever forget as a result this issue is bugging and eating her from inside, and no mater how much she tried to forgive her man and forget all this situation eventually she comes to the point when she decides to break up with her man and start a new life alone. Eventually when time passes she forgets about her fears and gives up on her barriers in the attempts to be happy and to find the eternal happiness.

They meet a new man and start everything all over again. Lately it became a tendency to look for a man abroad, mostly due to the fact that somewhere abroad they think they will find a man who will take care of them and will respect them so much that will never be able to even think of being not faithful to them, as they know and are perfectly aware of the consequences of such an action. Well, there is a certain logics in that, and luckily there really are men in the world who are able to understand that and start living a happily ever after life.

beautiful couple on the beach

A witty idea keeps coming to my mind, if Russian men think that it is a normal thing to cheat on their wives, than why not shooting them as animals, because eventually it is the type of behavior that is more suitable for animals, than for normal men. Their loss is someone’s gain, due to being too confident in their selves, and in the fact that their women love them so much that will tolerate this kind of behavior; they lose their beautiful wives, and families that they built. And the smart foreigners are intelligent enough in order to surround their women with love and peaceful harmony; as a result they have not only very beautiful wives by their side, but also caring mothers for their future children and great mistresses in the house.

So appreciate and love Russian wives, this way there will be eternal happiness in the family, and never betray or lie, as all the bad things always come back to the person who did them, this is a rule by God and no one can stand above it.

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