Russian wife in America. Two worlds, two problems.

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Russian womenThings, which are difficult for Russian women in America, there are really important things women cannot deal with, and there are some which are really funny and not very important, as for example, some people cannot get used with tea. Here in the States it is a very popular drink as well, but the majority of people drink it cold and with ice.

At the beginning it is irritating and unusual, as the perception about tea in Russian women is that it should be hot and fresh, but later they get used to it. Some of them use a lot of lemon, which makes it easier. It looks like a small and not significant thing, but the truth is, that it is a stereotype that should be broken. And the faster, the easier. All the things that happen in life, do happen for a reason.

The other important “problem” for Russian women is the climate, especially for the ones who live in subtropics zone, as it is very unusual for them the fact that they do not have snow in the winter, and as a result, the New Year and Christmas is not the same fun as it was at home. One of my friends who lives in California said, that it is not a holiday at all, as they put a Christmas tree, but she had an impression like they put a Christmas tree in the middle of summer.

The other significant problem is the difference in home discipline, for Russian women it is very difficult to get, how come the American people are walking in their house while wearing shoes, and how can they put their feet on the table. After living in the States for a few years, it becomes something normal, and not that much outstanding as it was before, but it took me awhile to get used with it, and not to react. I just changed my attitude towards the issue, as i realized that people who do it, are doing it because of the fact they are really tired, and not because they want to show lack of manners. Like for example imagine standing in one and same area for eight hours per day or running around while being a waiter? Of course feet hurt, and at that moment you stop carrying about the things that people might think about you.rusianbrideamerica

So my point is that problem is not a problem at all if thinking more carefully upon it, the real problem is the attitude of people towards those problems. So if changing attitude and thinking more positive, than little by little you realize that the difference between people is not that big, simply those people get tired more that is the reason that makes them stop caring about the opinions of people around.

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In United States everything is done in the first place for the comfort of people who live in this country, Americans think carefully about all the things, even ones that look like not important at all at the first glance. This kind of order in everything helps Russian women in their process of adaptation to local habits and traditions.

Another good story, which is a great example of the good organization of things in the country. In the gym there is a hidden track for jogging and running, as a lot of people are training this way. And it is interesting the fact that on the wall there is a schedule, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday people run in one direction, and the other days into the opposite one, this way the head is not spinning around and it is much easier to run and walk.

So once again, it is important to realize, that we all are people in this country, and it doesn’t matter whether we were born Russians or Americans, what really matters is the attitude of people towards each other. The kinder people are to each other, the easier, better and the most important thing happier their life is.