Interesting dates between foreigners and Russian women.

foreigners and Russian womenThe first story would be about a Greek man and a Russian lady. Oksana was looking for a husband abroad on all the kind of internet websites, ones her plans were ruined this way she entered a website and talked for awhile with a man after what they both decided to meet in person the same evening in her city. Oksana put on her favorite pale pink dress and went to the date. So she turn the music load in her car while travelling on the freeway and in this moment a thought has come in her mind that something she does wrong and she should stop acting this way, as it is definitely not safe meeting a stranger in a unknown place without even letting at least someone to know about it.

The first impression after seeing the man i was supposed to meet was (wow he is crazy) as he got down on his knees and began telling me how beautiful I am, well of course it was pleasant to hear that, but i could not get rid of the feeling that he is a bit overreacting and i am not ready to this kind of behavior at all. Later I realized that probably he is so emotional because he is Greek, and they are known for being sentimental.


At the beginning I liked him, he had nice blue eyes and very long black eyelashes, that I felt envy about. I always first of all was turning my attention upon the way man looks like, and everything else didn’t really matter. So we started dating. Soon after the beginning of our relation I had to fly to another city where I had court with a carpenter who stolen a lot of money from me, and didn’t done his job at all at the same time. And I decided that who knows how much time this whole court issue will take, that is why in order to keep the relationship it will be better to go there together with my new boyfriend.

To my great pleasure and excitement he agreed to go with me on my trip, although I was the one who bought him a ticket, because he had some troubles with money at the moment. So the next day another problem has happened, my man has ate something bad and got problems with his stomach, as a result he became very irritated, aggressive and was complaining all the time. I told him he needs to drink a few pills and he will be fine, but he looked at me like i am the person who doesn’t care at all about his health and got upset. While being a very quiet person with a good home discipline, i decided that it is ok, i need to support him and he will be fine, but his reaction once again was very aggressive, which made me think that I don’t want such a person in my life. So as soon as we came back to my hometown from our trip we broke up. I went home from the airport and never called him again. After a few months have passed he tried to call me a few times in order to get back, but i refused, as i thought that if the first time the relationship didn’t work out due to such a stupid reason, than the second time it will happen the same way for sure, and i don’t want to waste my time on something like that, though everything was starting so well, he even introduced me to his family. This way a silly sickness has broke an entire relationship. And all the cupids flew away from us. Now analyzing this story, my first reaction is smiling, but later little by little i understand that this is the way it was supposed to happen, as there are two people who are always supposed to work upon the relationship, and if there is only one who is working and making efforts than this relationship sooner or later will come to its logical end. Hopefully my story will become helpful to another couple, and they will do everything they can in order to make their relationship work.