How to detect if you are being scammed?

yketinrinburg girsThere is a great amount of incredibly lonely people in the world. It would have been so awesome if single men and single women would just gather together and find their second halves. Alas, it’s impossible. Besides, even men and women of one country can wish for different things in life. For example – western men want to create a family with a loving wife, who will care about them and will cook for them and listen to them.

However, western women do not want to create families as they want to be independent, make something out of themselves and build successful careers. They perceive family and multitude of household chores as a penance and try to avoid them in any way possible. Nevertheless, there is a hope for western men – they just have to look for their wives in countries, where women have the same notion about the family as they do.

The best country to look for a woman in is certainly Ukraine. Women here are feminine, beautiful, warm and patient. They will make perfect wives and excellent mothers, let alone their majestic household skills. They cook delicious dishes without wasting a fortune on them. They can go to the store, buy groceries, clean the apartment, look after the kids and they will be genuinely happy to do so. They will not feel oppressed because you’re asking them to make you a sandwich.

Sadly, even if you know where to look you must still overcome some obstacles on your way to find a perfect wife. What kind of obstacles? – You will ask. Well, first and main thing that you must be aware of is the possibility of being scammed. But how does this work? – Quite simple, actually. Someone registers on the site of dating or marriage agency steals the photo of an attractive woman and uploads it to the fake profile.


After that, such person contacts you, but you are under impression that you’ve been contacted by an attractive woman, whom you see in the photo. You start to chat, develop friendship, maybe occasional flirting and she suddenly tells you that something horrible has happened in her life – for example – someone died and left her with a whole bunch of bills to pay; or that one of her relatives is awfully sick and she needs a lot of funds for the treatment, which she naturally doesn’t have.

Here, she expects you to step in and provide money. But as soon as you do, you won’t hear from her again. Another variant of scam is a scam, performed by the untrustworthy dating site. Multiple girls are contacting you and they all are gorgeous and naturally, you would like to read the messages from them all. But opening the messages costs you $1 or $2 per message. Such agencies have couple of persons, who are managing multiple fake accounts and are writing to every man registered on the site.

To avoid such types of scam, remember: Ukrainian women are very modest. That is why Ukrainian woman will never ask you for any funds or gifts. Real Ukrainian woman will also not write you first, as in Ukraine it is customary to allow man to make a first step in the relationships. Besides, watch out for overly flirty messages, which do not contain any details, previously mentioned by you. Such e-mails may be a stored copy of cliché e-mails sent by scammer to all the men. Be alerted and don’t let anyone to scam you out of your money.

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