How to check that the woman’s interest is genuine


When you register in any online dating agency you start receiving tones of letters from different ladies. You choose the women you are interested in and start getting them to know better. However, the question arises how to check the woman is really interested in you and is not trying to achieve her own goals?

When corresponding with a woman, make sure she doesn’t speak of herself only and is interested in you, asks you questions, makes plans and discusses the future possible life with you. Try as soon as possible to move your correspondence contact to a personal one. If the lady is genuinely interested in you, she would exchange her private contact information with you and will spend her spare time to communicate with you. This happens when you have lady’s genuine interest. She will never disagree talking over the phone; even when she is busy, she will schedule a phone conversation for another time or date.

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An interested lady will always accept your invitation on skype or video chat as she really wants to learn you closer and will take every possibility to do so. She will switch the camera on and show she is for real, if not it is a red flag: the lady can be a fake or has false pictures on her profile. Suggest a lady meeting her in flesh and see her reaction. If woman agrees to meet you, she is genuinely interested in you, if not, don’t waste your time on these sorts of ladies.

Don’t believe a woman will come to see you at your place. It is possible in rare cases. Most of Russian women cannot afford such a trip financially and getting a tourist visa is really problematic, practically impossible. Maybe she is just avoiding your visit to her place or is a scammer. The best way to learn if a woman is really interested in you is having a direct contact with your bride-to-be and your common sense.