How to act on a first meeting or visit with a Russian lady

The first meeting promises to be exciting as you have never seen each other in person. Most probably you will be nervous, maybe even insecure and thinking of what to say when you first see her or how to greet her first. This article provides you with some suggestions of how to act.
First of all remain yourself and show her your personality the way you are, as you did in your correspondence and on-line communication. There is no need to learn the speech and get prepared. You will forget all the words when you see her and, moreover, it is always better to act naturally. When you get there, don’t compare Russia or any other CIS countries with your country. Russia and former Soviet Union (FSU) countries are different from western countries in the matter of finances and things in western countries are more organized and modernized. However, the big cities are very much alike to western ones, Moscow, for instance.
Never boast about the things you have. Being a wealthy man is not a major priority in Russian mentality. Having harmonious family, many friends, be happy and healthy is more important. Don’t talk about the things involving money matters as what is normal for your country can be luxurious for FSU countries, for instance car, boat, house, etc. Don’t make jokes on Russians and Russian way of life in her and her family, friends’ presence.
Respect her culture and traditions. Russia and FSU countries have beautiful art, history, literature, and things to see. Russians don’t smile a lot, though they are friendly, kind and open people. If you are getting married to this girl, remember she loves her country and this will need to become your home number two. Be open to her country, find its pluses and try to love it, the way it is. You will see how grateful your Russian wife will be for this.