How I Met a Russian Bride on Brilic Dating App

I’ve been a huge fan of Eastern European women since 2009 and dating gurus such as Roosh V and Richard la Ruina have further confirmed why my dating preference is right. I’m not saying other dating preferences are wrong. I mean my dating preference is right for me.

    • I’ve been using international dating apps for nearly five years and online dating is the single most effective way to find a Russian wife. Some of my friends don’t want to join international dating apps, but they want to meet Russian women in real life. Their approach is legitimate and understandable because not everyone is happy to trust online dating. However, their results are very, very limited. For example, my friend David meets Russian girls through his social circle. He went to learn Russian language and tried to hook up with the Russian teacher (a beautiful Russian lady) – that means he paid tuition fees and spent a lot of time on one woman. He joined Russian Art Festival in the local area and tried to meet women from Russia, but that cost him ticket fees and he also had to buy expensive clothes in order to look fabulous at such an upscale event. I’m not sure whether he actually hustled those Russian beauties into bed or not, but I’m pretty sure he only gets 3-5 Russian stunners per year. In contrast, I get at least 20 girls from Russian per year because I use international dating apps.meets Russian girls
    • I downloaded Brilic dating app and actually found a qualified Russian bride within two weeks. Previously,I used other international dating apps to hook up with beauties from Russia. At that time, I wasn’t interested in getting married because I was much younger then. However, I turned 33 last year and would like to settle down and start a family. After doing some research, I decided to join Brilic dating app because this app has a big database of women from Russia. My understanding is if I want to find a high-quality bride from Russia, I must meet as many qualified leads as possible. In this case, I chatted with 19 stunners from Russia on Brilic dating app in Week 1. And then in Week 2, I met 7 of them in person because these seven girls look better and have better English. By the end of Week 2, I decided that one of these girls is the winner – she has become my wife as I’m typing this up on a computer now.Marrying a Russian bride
    • Dating a Russian woman VS Marrying a Russian woman: Dating a woman from Russia means life becomes easy – most beauties from Russia don’t like drama and I’ve NEVER dated a Russian drama queen in my life. Before 2009, I used to date western girls only and many of them were typical drama queens who are entitled, overweight and can’t take criticism well. Worse still, they LOVE drama! Marrying a Russian bride means life becomes easier – my Russian wife does all the housework, treats me like a king and takes care of me very well. Meanwhile, she doesn’t put up with my bad behavior: If I have done something wrong, she will just tell me directly and call me out. She is never passive aggressive. I like her honesty and loyalty so much. At the same time, I don’t mind being her provider. But to be fair, she is actually a very capable woman – she has her own online business which is doing quite well. So, in reality, she doesn’t really need me to support her financially. But I like to spoil my loving, caring and nurturing wife. That’s why I give her luxurious gifts such as jewelry from Chanel, handbags from Dior and shoes from Jimmy Choo. Every time I give her a gift, she rewards me with amazing experiences in the bedroom and in the dining room at home. That’s the right marriage that I really, truly want.girls from Russian
    • More about me: I’m an established businessman who travels in Europe frequently, although the headquarters of my company is in New York. I met my Russian wife when I was on a business trip in Russia. In fact, Russia is a wealthy, modern and very civilized country – a great place to do business. I’ve certainly met the rich for business, friendship and romance here. In the past, I dated hot models and movie stars in Russia as well – those were my crazy days! I think the fact that I’m from New York is a demonstration of high value, so that helped me to get Russian girls to some degree. But most importantly, I’m a successful, charismatic and good-looking guy, and that’s the main reason why I’m successful with women in way to meet a Russian woman
    • More about my Russian wife: My wife from Russia is the very definition of a modern female entrepreneur. She started her own e-commerce business in 2011 and now her online business brings six figures per year. That’s a very good annual revenue, compared to her competitors. She sells jewelry online and she designs most of the jewelry in the online store. Although she isn’t a millionaire yet, she is a capable woman. Well, frankly, since she is married to me now, she is actually a millionaire because I’m a rich guy. My bride from Russia looks like Keira Knightly, but her boobs are bigger than Keira’s. Her skin is as smooth as a silk or satin scarf. Her silken hair is dark brown and curly (very curly)! I like running my fingers in her hair. It’s fun and seductive!

  • More about our future plans: Currently, we are living in Russia because I have to come to Russia at least once a month anyway. In the future, I’ll take my Russian wife to New York so that we can stay closer to my family (she doesn’t have family in Russia because she is actually an orphan). Also, I’d like to send my kids to the best private school in New York City so that they can get the best education in the world. Although I was told that education in New York isn’t great, I still believe in private education in America. Of course, I’ll never send my kids to a public school. Owen Cook even said, “Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t hustling. When Julien Blanc was working as a garbage man, he was hustling. A teacher who is teaching in a public school is hustling!” I agree with him 100%. Therefore, my pregnant Russian wife and I both would like to send our kids to the elite school in New York. She is pregnant with twins and we really look forward to our children who are due in July this year. Because her belly is huge these days, our favorite position in bed is doggy style now, which is safe and convenient.

In conclusion, the single best way to meet a Russian woman is to join an international dating app like Brilic. The second-best way to get a Russian girl is to do it offline, but that’s not very effective and it’s definitely not efficient at all. Overall, I think marrying a Russian bride is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.