How does that first impression of a Russian woman’s profile affect your choice?

Have you ever thought of what attracted you to this or that lady from a dating site. What you have is only her profile. Anyways, you choose from the big amount of other profiles on the net. The thing is that there are profiles that catch the eye and those that are getting lost in the grey crowd of other profiles.

First impressions are very important, especially when you are not able to see a person in flesh. One of the ways to create a great first impression is have a great profile. The best profiles are not overloaded by the details, are reader-friendly and provide a snapshot of a personality with space for questions for the potential dates. A great profile is thought to details. First what catches a look is a photo. The more interesting it is, the more attractive it will be. Western men are usually attracted to a nice looking lady with long hair, open face, smile, elegantly dressed and wearing high hills. The photo should be of great quality, preferable professionally done, with the right amount of shadow and light not to distract attention from the lady. The most popular ladies at matrimonial sites are natural looking ones, avoiding sexual or vulgar looks, outfits and positions. This comes out subconsciously, depending what a man is expecting from the future partner. As a rule, men prefer modest and stylish women as their potential wives and not sexually liberated pictures getting attention for one-night stands only.

Information stated in profile should be laconic and all the fields should be filled in. Brevity is talent’s sister. No life stories are welcomed. Typical statement won’t do, but a hilarious experience or memory will work. And the last, but not the least, grammar and punctuation are very important in creation of the first impression. Just think what profiles catch your eye.