Discover why you must avoid certain words and subjects when you talk with a Russian woman in her country

manwomenbestThe most important thing to know and to always keep in mind is the fact that men do not like critics, especially the female one. When the same critical comment is spelt by a man or by a lady, than the one that is spelt by the lady is being perceived in a completely different way. Critics from a man is often perceived with anger and light irritation, and as a rule it brings to the exchange of politeness and might be the constructive form of its perception, especially if it is being brought by the close up people. Here an important role is being played by the factor of the competitive spirit between men and it doesn’t matter what any person would say, there is always a saving thought in our conscience, which later is relaxing. While the female critics doesn’t have anything to do with the male spirit of competition that is why the reaction upon it is so painful. From ancient times woman was the person who was evolving who is stronger and who is weaker, and who is kinder and who is angrier. And the female opinion regarding all those issues was always the decisive one for men, and this thing is also strongly input in our conscience. The way men are they are proving in the first place not tothemselves but to all of the women.

As women, men are also having their own weak points of a psychological character. And their quantity is not smaller, but maybe even bigger than the one woman has. Psychologists know for a long time that men are going through some resentment in a sharper and harder way. The process of moving from one psychological condition to another is much harder and longer, this thing is underlined by a variety of factors of a psycho physiological and social character.

mariagebride Of course there are some kinds that are hard to amaze, but usually this type of men are not very popular with the women. Naturally if a lady without thinking of all the consequences her words might bring is pushing those weak points in her man than she is certainly pushing her man away from herself while causing an internal anger, aggression and resentment. All of those consequences are dangerous in their further development. Those weak points of our critics are usually the basis well known parts of men “I”. It is a power, physical, sexual and spiritual. While criticizing all of those beginnings of man’s spirit we are pushing the weakest points of a man. Together with it, a lot of men have a lot of other complexes, of listed qualities, as well as in the attitude towards a different character. Like for example in the manner of speaking, or in the physical appearance. But the most painful reaction is upon the critics of the basically qualities.

That is practically the same thing as man criticizing his ladies physical appearance. Of course the positive critics is always useful and needed for the men in the first place, positive means that it is aimed with a sincere desire to help the man becoming better by overcoming all the obstacles that are. And of course when man is seeing this kind of critics into his part than he will be not very happy to get it, but it will be compensated by the fact that the final aim of it will no longer ruin his ego. That is why a good advice for the women means avoiding critics which is aimed only for the criticizing purposes and nothing else, as it may harm not only the man but the lady as well. The positive result is much easier to achieve while the aim of the efforts will always be aimed on the statements that those qualities are mostly up to the man and they are working not very effectively or in the wrong direction. Like for example, of the kind: “you are so strong but were not able to do it”, or “you are so brave but were afraid to act in this way” or “you have a strong will but still are not able to do this or that, and so on.

As people are not getting born while being strong, but they are becoming strong, and this process of perfection is endless in each kind of person. That is why it is necessary to turn the critics in a caring way, which is a continuous process of perfection in each person, even if they are insignificant ones. Man is creating the woman, while the woman is making the man being a man, it always was this way, and it is the secret of female happiness. rawadate Men do not like smart women. First of all this is the thing that is considered by the women, and this saying was once born by them. But it is not supposed to be this way. Women are potentially much smarter than men are and this fact is not discussed by anyone, but of course the debates on this subject will continue forever. The question is in another matter. As each weak person doesn’t like than the strong one is demonstrating its power, the same way the man is reacting upon the female actions in this point. As between a man and a woman always was some competition that was existing in this field for a long time already. Woman is the person that may delicate share with her wisdom and opinion. And when she is showing something to her man than the man is able to make all of those things come true more effectively as the man has nothing to deal with the female sensitivity. This is the small formula of the male and female symbiosis of opportunities. And in the places where it has place, always is some harmony. And the place where the competition start for the leadership is the place there never will be any success.

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