Can you expect to have sex with your fiancé upon your arrival to Russia


You have found the lady of your dreams, your thoughts are about her only, and you are in a sweet and exciting expectation of the first meeting. These are unforgettable and pleasant emotions to come through. Together with this many men are being nervous about how to act, what to expect and not the last question they are interested in if they can share the intimacy with the fiancé on their arrival to her country.
So, can you expect to have sex with your fiancé upon your arrival to Russia or any other post Soviet Union country? In most of the cases the answer will be ‘no’. Though with time Russian women have become more sexually liberated, in order to have sex, they need to be close enough with their sexual partner. If Russian women don’t feel you are serious, never expect to have a sexual contact with them.

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Russian women consider sex a very intimate thing and can share it with very close people, whom they trust and feel safe with. Agree it is not an easy task to obtain in several days or a week of your visit. What you really need to do is build a strong bond with a lady, so that she can feel you, sense you, trust you and feel safe with you. It is a very difficult task for a long-distance relationship. If you were corresponding only, even for a long period of time, you will hardly succeed to have sex with your fiancé on your first arrival. Most probably you will need to come back several times before you build this bond.
However, there is a probability of sex if your correspondence on-line was moved to a more personal contact, such as phone conversations, long talks on-line and video chats. These internet facilities help you to create a strong bond before you meet, so don’t underestimate the quality of your communication. Remember that physical chemistry also plays role when you meet in flesh.