Best Russian dating app sees a robust increase in its client base

There is no need to deny the fact that Russian women have turned beauty into some form of a legend and their popularity does not seem to decrease. On the contrary, more men from all around the world dream about having a Russian woman or a Russian wife beside them. Even though a lot of people do prefer to emphasise the cultural and racial diversity of hot southern countries such as Colombia and Brazil, we still cannot pass by this particular corner of the world called Russia.

Down below, we are going to outline the best Russian dating app where hundreds of beautiful and attractive Russian women dwell. Nevertheless, you do have to take into consideration that today’s online dating has been turned into a relatively dangerous experience due to increased numbers of scams. We want to assure you that it is quite easy to detect such a scam by following a few very simple steps. Take a closer look at the women’s profiles. If you see that there is only one or very few photos with provocative poses, then it is 100% a scam. Also, if you detect that the profile itself is poorly written, then it is a clear sign to steer clear.

Let us now proceed with the best russian dating app itself. It is called Certainly, this particular dating app has broken all the imaginable records in terms of the numbers of clients and successful relationships. Therefore, it does deserve the right to be called the best dating site in Russia.

The first thing you must notice is the proper name of the website which contains the word cupid. It suggests that the website is run and operated by the Cupid Media which is one of the best dating networks in the world! It smashes all the continents and sets new records every year. However, it also means that you can actually trust this dating website because it has been developed by professionals and is still being undergoing constant updates and improvements.

We should also mention the fact that the Cupid Media hasn’t stopped on They rather used it as a launching pad for the whole region of Eastern Europe and Far East because some sister apps have also been set up and maintain direct connections with One of such sister apps is which shows that the Cupid Media have recently extended their possibilities to Africa, using their Russian website! Unbelievable, but it is true!

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Let’s now focus more on the geographical locations that are available at The most obvious search area is Moscow, the capital of Russia and its biggest city. If you are looking for women between 18 and 35 years old from Moscow, then you will be displayed thousands of profiles as soon as you type in your criteria. St. Petersburg shows the same level of available women as well because the two cities are very close to each other and the latter is generally regarded as the northern capital of Russia. has undergone a series of vital transformations and improvements, and now makes part of the global network. All of its updates are made in accordance with those that are carried out on other Cupid Media websites. So, the design is very catchy and professionally-made. You will certainly enjoy your stay on this website.

You can sign up very easily by simply indicating your personal data or logging in with your Facebook account. Nevertheless, all of the profiles are under strict supervision from the part of the Cupid authorities, thus, you will have to answer several questions periodically, if you want to carry on doing what you are doing. It might be a little bit irritating, but keep in mind that these are the measures to keep swindlers and scams away from you and other users, so that every single person could enjoy his or her stay.

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You will also be displayed all the matching options. Bear in mind that you are the crafter of this match because only those people that comply with your criteria, will be shown. You will be asked to fill them out when you get registered.

Communicating with other members can be the hardest thing. If you remain a free user, then you will be able to send messages and view profiles. However, the other user won’t be capable of reading your message, unless they pay for it. So, get ready that one of you will have to pay. The general dating advice is to purchase premium account and forget about all the problems.

If you finally decide to get registered on, we are completely sure that you will be satisfied by the quality of services provided by the website. Try it out!

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