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About Russian-dating-secrets

All women have secret keys to their hearts, especially in Russia which is considered a deep-cultured and enigmatic country. Dating blogs and forums reveal how to court a hot Russian girl.
The main secret one should start with, is treating a Russian woman like a princess because she deserves that. It doesn’t involve a lot of spending, rather politeness and complimenting her.

Girls in Russia aren’t feminist, and they will never be. They are classical and secretly old-fashioned, even the most modern of them. They adore when a man holds the door or moves the chair.
Another important key quality is their closeness to families. They get independent and mature early, but they feel the need to keep on phoning their parents daily and help them if possible.

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If a man accepts to share some of these duties with them, it makes them more than happy. Their gratitude is expressed in extra kisses, caresses, up to the wish to get married instantly.
It’s completely understood since their local men aren’t supportive in any way, so Russian women naturally admire a western man who is warm and helpful, they are ready to worship him and compromise.

Top sites and apps for Russian dating


Modern Russian girls

Russian women feel the quality intuitively, since they have a great taste. That’s why they date online only on great platforms like this one. A big variety of features, trendy design attracts them too.
Modern Russian girls are educated and skilled in area of international dating, so they usually detect a good match quickly and communicate in the most open-minded and sexy way.


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It is known that Russian women make wonderful partners, but how to meet the most genuine ones? The answer is a reliable platform where all profiles are pre-checked and confirmed.
If a beautiful girl from Russia is ready to meet you any time, it’s a very good sign. Just catch a chance and use this opportunity to date a model-looking hottie in real, as soon as you feel chemistry.


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Love is something you cannot measure or predict, yet you can use dating sites where chances to fall in love are the biggest. This helpful platform is high-rated and reliable enough, users report.
Russian women who impress with their beauty, intelligence, affection, are all gathered here and impatient to finally meet their Mr. Right. All reviews are positive and success stories are many.

Women from Russia and relationships date advice

Gorgeous girls from Russia and Ukraine possess a true femininity that is almost lost in the west now. They can only be compared to American pinup beauties of 40s – 50s years.
No wonder men desire this lost treasure and want to own it. The main key to success is remembering they’re special and not looking at them through the negative stereotypes of nowadays.

It isn’t accidental that men’s first fear was that Russian brides are after the Green card only, since such an attitude was observed from Latina and Asian girlfriends. But Russia is different.
These highly attractive women really cannot imagine their daily life without a partner they would cherish and admire. It’s in their genes and it’s their parents’ and relatives’ example.

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They keenly need regular sex, affection, trusting communication, and they can never replace this with career, ambitions, child-free and men-free philosophy like their western peers.
Although hard-working and skilled in many areas, they see the sense of their existence in love and romance, in everyday talks and hugs with their partner, in common plans for future.

If you have doubts about your Russian girl’s intentions, suggest that she will stay to live in her country or relocate to some cheap European country like Bulgaria, and you’ll be visiting her often.
If she accepts, it means she is serious indeed and there are no worries. She values only you, your personality, the special connection between you two, and all the rest is just a bonus or an extra challenge.

How to date a Russian girl without intermediaries?

Men often ask a question, how to meet a Russian woman without an interpreter in between? First of all, modern girls in Russia speak English much better than it was a decade ago, which is a good thing.
Secondly, they rather need a companion for the very first meetings as a kind of insurance a man won’t hurt them, especially if they are very young or very conservative. It also means they’re decent.

If a man brings his male friend to a date, it might be double scary for a girl, and if he brings a female friend or interpreter of his own, a girl might get jealous. So let her bring her own friend instead.
If a Russian woman doesn’t speak good English, she might bring a close pal or a neighbor who speaks. Just buy them dinner and help a girl relax about you so that you meet face to face next time.

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Today, it’s easy to use electronic translators or even Google on your phone for understanding each other. There is also a lot of free software for learning a new language, which is of great help.
Basically, all you have to do is establishing a strong mutual trust during your correspondence, then your meeting in real will be just a logical continuation of it and you’ll get intimate sooner.

Questions and answers

How do I know a girl is real?
Observe how she answers your questions, how enthusiastic she is about meeting you, ask for extra photos.

Is it ok if she is online 24/7?
If she answers quickly at any time, it means she has no local boyfriend, but probably no job either.

Is every Russian bride good at domesticity?
If she is from a good family, she’s usually a great cook and maid.

Would a Russian woman leave me for a career?
No, it’s not typical for them, even models and actresses crave a family.

How to have sex on the 1st date?
It’s easy, hookup girls at nightclubs allow that and traditional brides want courtship first.

Where else Russian girls can be found except Russia?
They live in all Eastern Europe, and even in the US with their parents just search well.

How to win a Russian girl over her local admirers?
Offer her what they cannot: politeness, healthy lifestyle, and travelling.

How to make sure a Russian girl has a crush on you?
She often sends smileys without reason, laughs at your jokes, and wants to spend all her spare time with you.

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What are good first date questions?

• Are you a spontaneous person or a planner?
• What excites you the most?
• What is the new thing you would like to try with your man?
• What are your favorite outdoor activities?
• What are some of your ambitions in life?
• What is your number one advantage and number one flaw?
• How do you like to relax after working day?
• Do you believe that trust and money are hard-earned?
• What is your favorite sign of affection?
• Are you a forgiving and compromising person?

What are good questions to ask a woman from Russia?

• What do you like and dislike about Russia?
• Are you adapting well to a warmer climate?
• What is your example of a wise woman?
• What is your favorite book and why?
• Which actions would you forgive to your man and which not?
• What do you think a husband is obliged to do?
• If we get very serious, do we need your parents’ blessing?
• What is emotional closeness for you, a lot of sex or a lot of talks?
• How do you like to spend your weekends?
• How do you imagine your middle age and older years?

Why do I need dating blogs for meeting a Russian girl?

Dating blogs aren’t created just for entertaining, they play a big informational role. Authors of the articles are usually psychologists, experienced travelers, happy husbands of Russian wives.
Moreover, dating blogs in Russian describe western men’s mentality, interests, their views on sex and relationships, helping Eastern European women understand them better and show their commitment.

Dating and travel blogs are providing great tips on finding cheap accommodations and tickets, learning basic traditions of the country you visit, and help to a traveler in many other ways.
It’s already known that women think differently than men, thick books and magazines are dedicated to a female psychology. Dating blogs take this into account, but focus on ethnic nuances too.
Russian dating secrets are many, from knowing female psychology in general to turning back to old classical values such as courtesy, sensitivity, protection, and support. It’s literally the school of love.

Russian dating secrets

Articles in dating blogs reflect cultural differences as well, which helps to avoid awkward situations. For example, Russian women are Orthodox and this confession differs a lot from Catholic.
The one who follows dating blogs, is guaranteed to have a quick acquaintance and a harmonious relationship with a Russian girl, even if it’s a high-end model or a successful businesswoman in Moscow.

Success stories about Russian dating

“I met Karina online when she was just 23, and had serious doubts about our compatibility since I’m 42. But it appeared people in Russia perceive the age gap positively and consider it an advantage.
Karina showed herself as a very mature and reasonable girl, with healthy ambitions to continue her education in the US, which I gladly helped her to do. She is my assistant now in a big company.
Something that started as a casual affair in a beautiful country, turned to a long-term relationship and I wouldn’t change a thing in our story. She is really my priority and my true soul mate”.

“I travelled to Odessa, Ukraine for fun during my vacation. I met Diana on Russian dating site (https://www.russian-dating-secrets.com/whats-the-best-russian-dating-site-in-2017.html) while I was there. We were hanging out together at nightclubs and on the beaches, and liked each other lots.
I quickly discovered Diana is a woman of many talents, not just a party girl. She made efforts from her side to relocate to the US, and she is indeed my equal partner now. We made a great union.
Although she’s just a girlfriend for now and we aren’t keen on changing this status, we are satisfied and content together and think our acquaintance has completely changed our lives”.

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“My friend married a Russian woman and they seemed happy, so I decided to take a chance too. We chatted with Masha for a while before I went there, and our meeting was awesome in all regards.
Her English was very good, and it wasn’t an issue for us to communicate for long hours. I won’t hide, we had great sex too. Masha agreed with me it’s an important part of the relationship.
We feel great together and never had any conflicts. I am thinking to propose to her nearest time, and she will make friends with my buddy’s Russian wife. I believe these women are very special”.